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Christine’s passion really shines through her integrity, communication and drive for creating fun. I would work with them over and over again as I know what they bring to the table and how important fun and laughter can be.

Stacy K

Christine gave us an online team building session this year and our team absolutely LOVED IT! She took us gently out of our comfort zone and helped us to see that we are all capable of so much more than we imagined while having a great time and laughing with each other a lot! I highly recommend Christine for her improv and team building sessions. She is genuine, warm and open-hearted. I would work with her again!

Katie Z


Thank you once again for graciously hosting such a wonderful session and for putting smiles on our faces during this transition. We all deeply enjoyed it and it was a fantastic way to take a break from job hunting tasks and to come together to have a little fun.

Nikol L

Improving employee engagement is essential for well-being and your business success.

Laugh to Feel Good sessions are a fun and invigorating way to improve the team's communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills - in just one hour!

The Power of Team Building, "Yes, and..." Improv, Laughter, and Employee Engagement is Dynamic.

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Studies show that laughter has a number of benefits for both physical and mental health.

  • Improved communication
  • Increased collaboration
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills
  • Improved trust and rapport
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased morale
  • Boosted creativity
  • Stronger relationships

Builds trust

In improv, team members are often put in situations where they have to rely on each other to come up with ideas and solutions. Did we mention they're also making it up on the spot in front of 100 strangers?

Boosts employee engagement

Improv is a fun and engaging activity that will help break up the monotony of work, build camaraderie, and team spirit.

Gain soft skills

Improv teaches employees how to think on their feet, be creative, and work together effectively. These are valuable skills in the workplace.

Elevate remote worker engagement

Remote workers benefit from team building activities, helping them connect, build relationships, and elevate engagement.

Increases creativity

Laughter helps increase creativity by stimulating the brain, and improv is a great way to do this.

Stronger relationships

Shared laughter strengthens bonds and creates a sense of connection in relationships.


"My experience blew my expectations out of the water."

See for yourself how improv can transform your team.

Christine was an excellent headliner for our corporate associate appreciation event. She was fully engaged with the planning and design phases in order to ensure continuity of message and tone. Her preparation was evident, and the feedback from participants was outstanding. I am very grateful for the excellent results of our event. Our associates had a great time and felt valued.

Bealls, Inc.

Christine led me through a fascinating, laugh-out-loud exercise in improv. By example, she helped me cultivate spontaneity, creativity, relaxing in the face of not knowing what is coming next -- a crucial life skill no matter what you do for work or play. I don't "play" easily but experiencing improv with Christine opened a door for me.


With the careful instruction we turned FEAR into COURAGE, while making wonderful friends along the way. The class taught me to think outside the box, communicate my message, and step up as a leader all while emphasizing creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and problem-solving. All this while emphasizing the importance of utilizing these skills in innovation. This is by far one of the best classes and experiences I have ever had! I’ve used the skills I learned from the very first day in my personal and professional life. All I can say is if you have the chance to take this class…💥 DO IT! 💚

University of South Florida MBA Grad Student

I wish this was my first and not last class of my MBA. It forced me into a new ways of thinking and created an openness to learning and challenging myself that I haven't felt in a long time. I wouldn't have guessed improv would be as applicaplbe to business as it turned out to be. Upon returning to work, I plan to talk with my leadership about a potential workshop with Dr. Diasio and Christine. This class is a gift! FANTASTIC, 15/10, AMAZING!!!

University of South Florida MBA Grad Student

Businesses of all sizes and industries have seen their teams transform through Laugh to Feel Good's improv training. Delivered by improv experts and business facilitators have helped teams improve their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Teams have reported increased confidence, trust, and camaraderie after improv training.

Christine Alexander

Professional improv teaching artist, business facilitator with a proven track record of helping teams think on their feet, be more creative, while building stronger relationshops for businesses, entrepreneurs and charities.


Dr. Steve Diasio

Top 50 Business Professor by Poets & Quants

Associate Professor of Instruction in the entrepreneurship and innovation program at the MUMA College of Business. Steve has a Ph.D. in Management Science from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

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Improv for Innovation with Innovation Experts, wildly successful


with Innovation Experts

- Wildy Successful

Interactive Improv for Innovation Masterclass, designed to develop trust and vulnerability, boost morale, creative problem-solving techniques, team productivity and collaboration tools.

Foundation in six principles of improv • Development of trust and vulnerability • Team productivity collaboration tools • Creative problem-solving techniques • Embracing offers, rehearsing non-judgment, and enhancing non-verbal communications • Utilization and identification of listening as a tool to encourage innovation


Business Improv

- Highest Reviews

One-hour, interactive virtual Wellness at Work workshop, designed to ignite employee engagement, boost morale, reinforce productive qualities like communication and teamwork. Energizes your team!


Want to get your Employees Excited for Work?

If so, we get it. A recent Gallup study found that only 33% of employees are engaged in their work.

Download your copy of "4 Steps to Improve Employee Engagement" now for happier employees.


Laughter is Good Medicine

- Cancer Wellness

Weekly, one-hour, interactive Laughter is Good Medicine virtual workshop, designed for care receivers and caretakers to reduce body and mind stress and find community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access this training?

A discovery phone call will be scheduled. During our call, we'll discuss your needs and our solutions. After the call, our team will draft a curriculum of proven improv exercies specifically for your company. Once the curriculum is approved, we will book the session(s) and the fun begins!

Our online format is an improv team building session.

An improv team building session typically lasts one to three hours. The session will begin with a warm-up, followed by a series of improv exercises, tailored to the specific needs of the team.

Will the session be recorded?

Absolutely, we record every session. If you prefer we don't, no problem. Teams who have used the recording as a fruitful reminder for everyone. You could use the video for promotion, or gifts.

What are the qualifications of our improv team building facilitators?

Our team is comprised of improv experts, teaching artists, certified instructors and clinical professors of entrepreneurship & innovation and the performing arts. All with a deep understanding of how improv is used to improve communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity.


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 concerns, all of our workshops are online, to ensure your safety, our participants and staff.

Give it as a gift!

Absolutely! Many companies found gifting an improv session is a great way to show appreciation to clients and nonprofit partners. Ask a professional if it can be considered a tax-deductible expense for you. 1,000% chance there will be fun, energizing activities, boosting morale, improving communication, and employee value.

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