Christine Recommends

Christine Recommends

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YouTube Channel wellness workshops and retreats
How to Make $100 per Day with Your Email List

Get FREE access to the first video of the course.

In the video you'll learn:

- How to make $3,000/mo in passive income with your email list

- How to get 100 opt-ins on your list per day

- The method to earning $100 per day with your email list

Dear Rock Star Reader,

Trust me, this software has been a wonderful email solution for me. In my experience, MailChimp consistantly crashes and ConstantContact is very pricy. has a lot of surprises, this is just ONE of them.

Highly recommended. 5 of 5 stars.

Love, Christine.

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Get instant access to the

Digital Product Kit

Looking to get started with digital products but don't know where to even begin?

This Digital Product Kit breaks down this beginner friendly method to start making sales online - without needing to show your face or having a large audience.

As well as, plug & play templates and PLR products so you can speed up the process!


Whether you just published your book OR want to relaunch your book, this Best Seller program can work for you.

Let's make Your Book a Best Seller. You Deserve the recognition!

Don't let all of your hard work creating your manuscript go unnoticed. Get your best seller recognition with Angela Heath & TKC Incorporated.

CLICK HERE to access.

BONUS 100 Ways to Sell More Books


Christine Alexander invited you to join Canva!

Create an account, it’s free. Canva is loved by beginners and experts, teams and individuals.

Take a class with Christine, or join a group improv class. We are looking forward to laughing with you. :)


Robinhood Crypto

You guessed it, I jumped into crypto during our last few years. In this offer, you get one free stock for signing up and so do I! It's likely worth around $3 with a 1% chance it's worth up to $100! The offer may have changed / be better so check the current one here. There are limitations and I am not a financial adviser, do your own investigating.

Stash will help my friends

(that's YOU) build wealth.

When you join using this link and add cash with my code, we'll each get $20 of stock. This is not financial advice, this is just a way to get $20 of stock. :)

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