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Laughter is Good Medicine

Join us for a welcoming, five-star virtual session of safe movements, interactions and humor for people. This week gift yourself a one hour break and join this fun-filled hour of laughter.

Come appreciate the therapeutic benefits of spontaneity, connection and belly laughs. Christine encourages a safe and courageous space for people to have fun and play in. "For that hour, I didn't think about cancer at all!" Join weekly, play games, make new friends and boost your immune system for 24 hours!.


Please RSVP on Eventbrite. You can call in or leave your camera off. You are not required to explain why you are in class. You may leave early. You may even feel proud of yourself. :)

We are looking forward to laughing with you.


with you, me & them


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Join the Fun

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1:00 PM - 1:05 PM EST

Hello, Welcome and Guidelines

We are committed to providing a safe and courageous place for people to have fun and play in. We encourage decent and cooperative behavior and in that environment, there are no mistakes. In fact, we cheer them on.

1:05 PM - 1:07 PM

Let's Shakeout our Nerves

According to your bodies needs. Low impact.

1:07 PM - 1:50 PM

Group Games

Light and easy to follow. If you do not feel comfortable playing, you are welcome to be our laughter from the audience. ;)

1:50 PM - 2:00 PM

Appreciation Circle

We all appreciate each other.

2:00 PM

End of Class

Looking forward to seeing you next week.

2:00 PM - 2:15 PM

OPTIONAL Stay for Support

We check-in with each other on a deeper level, discuss current events and ask for support.


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Led by professional teaching artist Christine Alexander

"This is one of the most fun groups I belong to. I truly cherish the moments of laughter we have spent together." - Grace B

"Loads of fun! What a fantastic class! The first day I was honestly scared, within minutes of being around Christine it is literally impossible not to be comfortable! I can honestly say I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time!" – Steve D

"Christine is an incredible teacher, wonderful person, and a great actor. She's fun, positive, creative and extremely talented. I've taken a beginner's improv class with her, and she really helped me overcome my natural shyness." - Suzanne M

"Christine is an amazing teacher. She’s upbeat and full of energy. Even at times I feel uncomfortable she makes me comfortable to continue with the act! Highly recommend!" - Lavelle R

"Laughter is contagious is should be practiced regularly!!! Christine shares her incredible lessons on improv to carry in our everyday lives! If you are on this site, you have found a teacher who'll help you see humor, build confidence, 'think way outside the box' and make you laugh 'til your cheeks hurt! Can't recommend her enough! Would give more than 5 Stars....if I could!!!" - Peggles

"Christine was great! Instantly made you feel like you can be goofy and dispels any fear of making "mistakes." Because of her kindness, excitedness, even giddiness, you feel so great during and after the lesson. If you want an improv lesson, definitely choose Christine!" - Jessica C

As Vice President and Program Chairman for Encore Inc., I have had the pleasure of enjoying programs by Christine Alexander on two occasions. Encore is an organization of mainly retired women and they can be a pretty tough audience. Using her warmth and witty sense of humor, Christine had these women laughing, enjoying themselves, and participating in the fun. Her improvisation of topics suggested by the audience was especially engaging. Of the many programs we experience at our monthly meetings, Christine’s is certainly a favorite and we look forward to enjoying her wonderful humor again in the future. Gina Anderson, Encore Inc.

Laughter is healing. We have been so fortunate having Christine Alexander offer programs at the Center for Building Hope, where all of our participants are dealing with cancer. Christine has shared her talents, and has provoked many giggles, smiles and belly laughs! In a world where it seems as if there is nothing to laugh at, Christine is able to have people look inside and out, to find the humor that is around, and enjoy the smiles. She is able to create silliness that takes down the walls of seriousness, and becomes a useful tool in making the day better. The participants truly enjoy their time spent with Christine! ~ Andrea Feldmar, LMHC, Program Director

This class has helped in so many ways, losing fear of speaking in public, the ability to express free random thoughts, memory and relaxation exercises, gaining confidence, making new friends, having fun games to share with others, but most of all to be silly and laugh without judgment. So good for the soul!!! As this class welcomes others now in the world of Zoom, I have shared and invited others who could use a lift. I certainly look forward to every Friday to release some of the anxiety from the outside world!

"Christine Alexander is a stand-out, raw, comic talent ...whose quick-witted, goofy, committed and utterly unself-conscious performance lets it all hang out.”

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Thank you for your unwavering support, your generous donations, and sharing your laughter with us.

You make it possible for people to forget cancer for a bit.

You. Are. A. Rockstar.

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